Thursday, October 6, 2011


Among my garden-dwelling friends are crickets. The big crickets are my friends. One of our more frequent topics is garden politics. Sometimes different insects will ally themselves with other factions. For example, neither the crickets nor I saw it coming when the ants sided with the spiders.

But the crickets are masters of music, and often they will play their soft melodies on the summer air. I sit and listen, interjecting an occasional "ribbit" to replace lack of percussions. You may be under the impression that this is a trait of frogs. You would be wrong, because I am a toad and I ribbit.

The big crickets are my friends; the little crickets are my supper. When I eat the big cricket's children, it can sometimes be awkward.


  1. Despite the awkwardness, I'm happy to see that his eating habits haven't gotten in the way of their friendship. :)

  2. Yes, ultimately Mr. W. C. Peabody is a very amiable fellow and difficult to dislike for long!