Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Note From the Editor

Mr. W. C. Peabody, for lack of better phrasing, is a toad. And I don't mean figuratively. Our garden dwelling friend endures many hardships in his sun-bathing, flower-sniffing life. Between the rain and the watering can alone, he must constantly be wary of the threat of sudden downpour. Mr. W. C. Peabody does not like downpours.

So as has been demonstrated above in the terrific example of dreaded downpour, our friend does not have it easy. Life can be hard when it can all be summed up into grass squatting and loitering in a leaf's shade. As a result, Mr. W. C. Peabody feels his life is worth discussing and so has decided to chronicle his various adventures, harrowing and otherwise.

Yours in Garden Toad Adventures,
Miss Emma Greene
Mr. W. C. Peabody's Representative & Editor.

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